SANCTUS ARGENTEUS Purchase Details :

S47-R1 Gas! £300.00
S47-R2 Intravenophile £320.00
S47-R3 Prosthetic Finger (9ct gold detail) £999.00
S47-R4 Thumbscrew £375.00
S47-R5 Triste £255.00
S47-R6 External Fixation Frame (9ct gold detail) £660.00
S47-R7 Licentia £89.00
S47-R8 Femme Berlin £295.00
S47-R9 Homme Berlin £295.00
S47-R10 Gargouille Anxieux  £275.00
S47-R11 Garguil Surpris  £275.00
S47-B1 ChainHook Chain £830.00
S47-B2 Dragon Spine Chain £800.00

Sanctus 47, Alchemy's exclusive, precious jewellery is made to order, and can be commissioned directly. If you have any queries or requests regarding Sanctus 47 silver jewellery, or would like to place an order, please contact Geoff Kayson on:

Tel 0116 2824824 or email





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Sanctus 47, from the designers of Alchemy.
Deviant sterling silver for stunning individualites