SANCTUS ARGENTEUS ‘this cocktail of infernal inspiration’

What do you get if you ask some of the world’s darkest creative minds and most ingenious artisans to explore their most exquisite nightmares? What if you give them free rein with concepts and materials? Instruct them to abandon all everyday preconceptions and mundane notions of taste when realising these unearthly artefacts?

The answer is Sanctus Argenteus – a new concept in jewellery. Recruiting from among the peerless designers who work for England’s internationally renowned Alchemy Carta, Sanctus Argenteus have conceived a new canon of rings, bracelets and necklaces for the 21st century. Fashioned from select, prestige materials to the highest standards; the jewellery explores dangerous, dark virgin territory in this bold new range. Some of the imagery employed may be strangely familiar – the net has been cast far and wide in the quest for the icons and shapes that capture the darkness that Sanctus Argenteus evokes. But the angle is always somehow unexpected, distorted, or inverted – fresh heretical iconography for a world that has become jaded to the brutal and bizarre.

Shadows of forgotten horror fall across the range just as premonitions of fresh hells inform the designs. The eerie green light cast by a freshly lit glass of absinthe. Surgical equipment abandoned in a derelict Victorian asylum. The military kit cast around a gas-wreathed battlefield like its broken owners. Chic high-class nightclubs equipped as medieval dungeons. The neon glow of a chrome-cold future where flesh and machine mesh as one. Such images, and countless others culled from the taboo fringes of our culture, echo eerily in the ethos behind Sanctus Argenteus.

The result of is jewellery unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Always surprising, sometimes shocking, these artefacts are nevertheless beautiful works of art in their own right, cast at the axis where the ornate and exquisite meet the ominous and extreme, burnished where tears of pleasure and pain become one.

Sanctus Argenteus will appeal to those at the cutting edge of fashion and in the dark avant-garde of the underground – a select product for a select clientele – jewellery to adorn the New Flesh of the New Millennium!

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Some of the creative minds behind Sanctus Argenteus are available for interview or comment by arrangement.



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Sanctus 47, from the designers of Alchemy.
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